Annals of the Polish Association of Agriculture and Agribusiness Economists is a scientific journal published since 1999 by the Polish Association of Agricultural and Agribusiness Economists (PAAAE) based in PoznaƄ. It is a bimonthly publication issued annually in the form of one volume, which consists of 6 notebooks (1-6) in a printed form. The Annals are indexed in AgEcon Search, Agro, BazEkon and Indeks Copernicus databases.

Publisher: PAAAE

Current issue: Volume XX, no. 5, 2018

The journal contains articles in Polish and English and is on the list of bulleted magazines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland: since 2013, it has had 10 points.

The subject of the published articles includes: agricultural sciences, agricultural economics, food industry, agricultural education, agrarian policy, rural sociology and the economics of internal and foreign trade in agri-food products.

The electronic version is available as a magazine licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Unported license, which allows the use of the published article under the condition that the authors and the Association of Agricultural and Agribusiness Economists are the owners of the rights to this publication. The content of the license is available on the website